Dispensary FAQs

What is Yepja Marketplace?

Yepja Marketplace is an online community where consumers search and leave reviews for the cannabis dispensaries, deliveries, and online retailers.

Do I need to be licensed as a dispensary or delivery service?

Yes. You must be licensed by the state licensing authority to list products on Yepja Marketplace.

Do I need to pay fees or commission to list products on Yepja Marketplace?

No. Dispensaries currently do not pay to list products on the Yepja Marketplace. However, you would need to list your dispensary on Yepja.com and subscribe to a plan.

What type of payments does Yepja Marketplace accept?

Users buy directly from the Dispensaries.

How can I keep track of products listing, account details, etc...?

Dispensaries must set up a new account on Yepja Marketplace and login to their Dashboard.

Can I update my user profile, logo, address, website, etc..?

Dispensaries need to  login to their account on Yepja Marketplace and manages from their Dashboard.