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LA Cannabis Co Weed Dispensary – Inglewood

Get 30% OFF Your 1st Visit. At our cannabis dispensary in Inglewood, we’ve redefined the term ‘weed near me’ by offering more than just proximity. We’re your local source for high-quality cannabis products, with an evolving selection of the finest seasonal buds, tinctures, edibles, and more. LA Cannabis Co. guarantees only the best products in every category, every time you shop. One of the Original Dispensaries in Los Angeles, we are legal to members 21+ or over 18 with a Doctor’s Recommendation. Names like Brass Knuckles, Select Oil, Korova, Kiva, and Quality Concentrates are among the bestsellers that line our shelves at LA Cannabis Co. LACC brings the community together with its friendly staff and commitment to quality and safety.

5993 S St Andrews Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90047, USA

Dispensary Type
  • Recreational
  • Medical
  • Flower
  • Pre-roll
  • Oil
  • Tincture
  • Edible
  • Concentrate
  • Topical
  • Accessories
Payment Options
  • Debit Cards
Type of Retail
  • Physical Store
  • Online Store
Online Order
  • Yes
Delivery Service
  • No
ADA Accessible
  • No
Drive Thru Access
  • No
Curbside Pickup
  • No
ATM on Site
  • No
Lounge area
  • No
Adult Use License:
  • C10-0000394-LIC
Medical Use License:
  • C10-0000394-LIC